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Welcome to OrchidRoots
BlueNanta is a new project under the OrchidRoots, a non-profit organization. The initial mission of OrchidRoots is to develop an educational tool that provides visual identification and comparison of orchids. The new extension, BlueNanta, expands the coverage to all other plant and fungi families.
Though each member of our team works on a voluntary basis, there are ongoing costs for technology, operation and new development that would require some funding. Please make a donation to help our course   Donate
Your donation will allow us to improve and deliver more value for our users.

You are invited to submit an advertisement about your plant related business, a meeting announcement, or anything else related to plants that you want the world to know about. See the example above.

To submit your ad, email the following information to admin@bluenanta.com: The name of your business, Title, Brief description, your orchidroots account name, a jpg file (see example in the home page above), url of your website, Brief address (country, state, city), Type of plants involved (genus, general, cactus, etc.), start and end date (or indefinitely).

This ad is currently free. However, we encourage advertisers to donate to orchidRoots to support our work.