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Welcome to OrchidRoots
We at OrchidRoots and Bluenanta are committed to serving you for many years to come. To make this possible, we are asking for your support. You can explore orchids on orchidroots.com, and other life forms can be found on bluenanta.com for free. Since only a very small percentage of our users donate, any amount you are able to contribute would be greatly appreciated.

You are invited to submit an advertisement about your plant related business, a meeting announcement, or anything else related to plants that you want the world to know about. See the example above.

To submit your ad, email the following information to admin@bluenanta.com: The name of your business, Title, Brief description, your orchidroots account name, a jpg file (see example in the home page above), url of your website, Brief address (country, state, city), Type of plants involved (genus, general, cactus, etc.), start and end date (or indefinitely).

This ad is currently free. However, we encourage advertisers to donate to orchidRoots to support our work.