Species (13) Section Styloglossum

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Genus - Species - - Year Distribution #descendants #photos
Calanthe angustifolia 1833 SE. China to S. Indo-China, S. Taiwan to W. Malesia 1 2
Calanthe aurantiaca 1903 W. Malesia
Calanthe aureiflora 1922 Pen. Malaysia (Cameron Highlands), Sumatera (G. Malintang), N. Borneo
Calanthe clavicalcar 1922 Pen. Malaysia to N. & W. Sumatera
Calanthe halconensis 1907 Philippines (Mindoro, Camarines Sur)
Calanthe hyacinthina 1925 C. & S. Sulawesi
Calanthe lyroglossa 1878 India to Japan and Malesia 1
Calanthe maquilingensis 1915 Philippines
Calanthe musa-amanii 2011 Borneo (Sabah)
Calanthe pulchra 1833 Pen. Thailand to W. Malesia and Philippines 1 7
Calanthe rigida 1930 Pen. Malaysia to N. Sumatera, Borneo (Sabah)?
Calanthe saccata 1900 Maluku (Ambon)
Calanthe ventilabrum 1868 New Guinea to SW. Pacific