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Sample Images by Genera

This page samples random images of species or hybrids for each genus. Each image is a link to sample images of species of that genus.

Two entry points to this page: from a link provided in the Home page or from the 'All genera images' option in the genus dropdown list in the top navbar.

You may select type of samplings: species or hybrid, or select to see the list of species or hybrid names instead of photos. There also is a checkbox to display only species with images or to display all species with or whithout images.

Species Hybrid
Zeuxine flava, (Wall. ex Lindl.) Trimen 1885
Zo. atropurpureum, (Lindl.) Luer 1982
Z. maxillare, G.Lodd. 1832
Zspm. labiosum, (Rich.) C.Schweinf. 1967
Zygostates lunata, Lindl. 1837