Vanda Vieng Ping (1973) C.Suddhipaca RHS (registered)
( Vanda flabellata × Vanda denisoniana )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
Aerdv. Arnold Sanchez V. Vieng Ping Aer. lawrenceae
Aerdv. Sovereign Rose V. Vieng Ping Aer. maculosa
Van. Luke Thai V. Vieng Ping Rhy. coelestis
V. Vieng Sawan V. Vieng Ping V. denisoniana
V. Carri Raven V. Vieng Ping V. Fuchs Oro
V. Crownfox Magic Lantern V. Vieng Ping V. Guo Chia Long
V. Jiad V. Vieng Ping V. Madame Kenny
V. Pravit V. Vieng Ping V. tessellata
V. Mickey Carmichael V. Vieng Ping V. Thailand Gold
Pda. Golden Key Pda. Josephine van Brero V. Vieng Ping
V. Port Curtis Beauty V. Phairot V. Vieng Ping
V. Rumpeey V. sanderiana V. Vieng Ping
Van. Narangba Beauty Van. Jade Magic V. Vieng Ping