Givens Gallery

the orchid cattleya dowiana

Artist: Ariel Valencia N
Medium: Ink
Support: japanese gel ink-strathmore paper watermark
Status: available
Price: $350
ARIEL VALENCIA NAVARRO ARIEL “…..My work is an approach to nature from the perspective of art, toward the essence of things, maybe to help realize the importance of caring our environment”, says ARIEL. Working in his studio in Mexico city southern slopes, Ariel gathers objects found elsewhere- textiles, shells, tree trunks, rugs, antiques…..and orchids.- he documents them in sketches or pictures to inspire in his works on paper or wood ; inks, charcoals, pastels,graphites or engravings. Ariel’s work is finely detailed, consistent with his concept of the essence of subjects. His orchids are precisely outlined, each dot in place, in compositions that reveal life in a poetic moment, frozen in time. At apx. 3000 dots per square inch, time consuming in many, on black and white only, the harmony and essence need no more. His landscapes are powerful, with rhythmic, dramatic strokes, energetic skies, passionate rugged mountains and rocks, subtly shadowed and eye catching, in and out the picture, making one to discover sutile details as minute, perfectly detailed small plants that one would find there if stepped in that oniric places. Timeless, set apart from fashions and tendencies, but versatile and decorative, the work is here among us. These subjects are honest, and, contrarily to much of the contemporary art, out of philosophic justifications. Ariel, whose works have been exhibited and commented in museums and exhibited in auctions, have already appeared in diverse publications, such as “ billionaire”, and others., approached art as a result of collecting, and graduated MBA from ITAM-instituto tecnologico autonomo de Mexico- and studied in –UIA- Universidad iberoamericana. Prices for his works –originals—9 x 7/1/4-inches-28 x 21 cm. and 25 x 15 –inches-43 x 28 cm. Start at 1000 usd and 3000 usd respectively, and for sets of 4 prints in limited editions, at 700 usd. So definitely; this will transcend and will appreciate in time, adding and aggregated value yet, as more nature conscious people will become, so many of the orchids specially, are already extinct or in danger, as well as some singular places depicted due to destruction by men. A real emerging work is here to stay on, as a testimony of our times.