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Genus: Cypripedium:
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The hybrid formula is described in WCSP as Paphiopedilum barbatum × Paphiopedilum insigne × Paphiopedilum villosum. In order to break it down to binary relation for the family tree, we artificially inserted Paphiopedilum nitens (P. insigne × P. villosum) as it pollen parent. This does not happen in nature since P. nitens is found only in China (Yunnan).
  • Cypripedium × creon B.S.Williams 1894
  • Cypripedium × electra Rolfe 1888
  • Cypripedium × galatea Rolfe 1888
  • Cypripedium × thibautianum Veitch ex Rchb.f. 1886
  • Cypripedium × oenanthum var. superbum Pynaert 1886
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