Curator view is being simplified:
  • The redundant "remove" link is itself removed! To remove a photo from public view simply change its rank to 0
  • All photos: public, private and new upload photos are now shown in the same page, partitioned by a horizontal line. Curators are now able to work within the same page
  • When you approve or upload a new photo, look for a replacement, e.g. similar photo but of lower quality, remove it(them). We try to keep public photo population low.
  • Also, when you add a new photo, select appropriate rank following the
    1. Private photos visible only to their owner (and curators)
    2. Habitat or in situ photos
    3. Entire or part of plants
    4. Inflorescent
    5. Group of flowers
    6. Portrait of single flower
    7. High quality portraits used are selected representative of the species/grex.
    8. Flower closeups
    9. Diagrams, drawings, or photos that show a scale or metric, or show some defined features of the orchid.