Genus: Coelogyne:
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Section: Ocellatae:
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  • China South-Central, China, Asia Temperate
  • Assam, Asia Tropical
  • Bangladesh, Asia Tropical
  • East Himalaya, Asia Tropical
  • Nepal, Asia Tropical
  • Laos, Asia Tropical
  • Myanmar, Asia Tropical
  • Vietnam, Asia Tropical
Coe. nitida id similar to Coe. corymbosa, but it has smaller yet taller bulb, much longer leaves, taller spike, higher counts per spike, smaller flowers and there are no records from Thailand according to Kew.

Common Name: เอื้องเทียนขาว, เอื้องหมากเลื่อม, สกาวจันทร์
  • Coelogyne conferta auct. (1875)
  • Coelogyne nitida f. candida Roeth (2002)
  • Coelogyne ochracea Lindl. (1846)
  • Cymbidium nitidum Wall. ex D.Don (1825)
  • Pleione nitida (Lindl.) Kuntze (1891)
  • Pleione ochracea (Lindl.) Kuntze (1891)
Joao Almeida
Coel. nitida
Manuel Lucas
Coelogyne ochracea (syn)
Vũ Định An
Coel. nitida
Alex Dapper
Coelogyne ochracea (syn)
Shannon Heng
Coel. nitida
Norbert Dank
Coel. nitida
Diep Dinh Quang
Coel. nitida
Norbert Dank
Coel. nitida
Naresh Swami
Coelogyne ochracea (syn)
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