Genus: Cattleya:
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The RHS places this as a synonym of C. victoria-reginae. It should be that C. victoria-reginae is (tigrina x labiata) whereas C. cogniauxii is C. guttata x C. labiata Probably the oldest and correct name for this cross would be Cattleya Crethus (1901)... although it is not recognized in either Kew or the RHS [Cássio van den Berg‎]
  • Cattleya Cogniauxii Peeters (1904)
  • Cattleya × crethus auct. (1901)
  • Cattleya Crethus Dallemagne (1901)
  • Cattleya Patrocinii hort. (1890)
Cássio van den Berg
Cattleya Cogniauxii (syn)
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