Genus: Epipactis:
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  • France, Southwestern Europe, Europe
  • Portugal, Europe
  • Sardegna, Europe
  • Spain, Europe
  • Italy, Europe
  • Algeria, Africa
  • Morocco, Africa
  • Epipactis atropurpurea var. tremolsii (Pau) Schltr. (1928)
  • Epipactis cardina Benito & C.E.Hermos. (1998)
  • Epipactis duriensis Bernardos, D.Tyteca, Revuelta & Amich (2004)
  • Epipactis helleborine subsp. tremolsii (Pau) E.Klein (1979)
  • Epipactis tremolsii var. viridiflora J.Benito (1999)
  • Epipactis tremolsii var. duriensis (Bernardos, D.Tyteca, Revuelta & Amich) P.Delforge (2004)
  • Epipactis tremolsii subsp. duriensis (Bernardos, D.Tyteca, Revuelta & Amich) Kreutz (2004)
  • Epipactis tremolsii subsp. cardina (Benito & C.E.Hermos.) Kreutz (2005)
  • Helleborine atropurpurea var. tremolsii (Pau) Soó (1927)
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