Genus: Phaius:
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  • China South-Central, China, Asia Temperate
  • China Southeast, Asia Temperate
  • Tibet, Asia Temperate
  • Assam, Asia Tropical
  • Bangladesh, Asia Tropical
  • East Himalaya, Asia Tropical
  • India, Asia Tropical
  • Sri Lanka, Asia Tropical
  • Myanmar, Asia Tropical
  • Thailand, Asia Tropical
  • Vietnam, Asia Tropical
Often confused with Phaius tankervilleae.
The former species (ie tankervilleae) originally described from Chinese material, has sub-nutant (semi nodding) flowers with sepals and petals that are tan brown within and white outside, a trumpet shaped lip with a broad purple margin and blunt apex and a short spur (less than 9mm long).

The other (ie walichii) has larger flowers with more spreading, ochre coloured sepals and petals and a conical, acute lip (ie pointed apex) which is predominantly white with a yellow & purple band in the throat, and a spur up to 20mm long. The latter has been referred to in Hong Kong as the ''Kadoorie'' Phaius (it was first found growing on the estate of the Kadoorie Botanical Garden in the new Territories) and clearly does not fall within the variation of P. tankervilleae as usually understood. A similar plant was illustrated in colour by Chen et al (1994). However, in its floral morphology it matches closely the species described from the Himalayas as P. wallichii and from Sri Lanka as P. bicolour.

Phaius tankervilleae and Phaius walichii, a pair of confused species
by Phillip Cribb, Mei Sun and Gloria Barretto
Kew Bulletin Vol. 59, No. 4 (2004), pp. 547-554 (8 pages)
  • Phaius bicolor Lindl. (1831)
  • Phaius magniflorus Z.H.Tsi & S.C.Chen (1994)
  • Phaius roeblingii O'Brien (1895)
  • Phaius sanderi Sander (1892)
Calanthe Cooksonii Phaius wallichii × na
Phaiocalanthe Skolstrejk för Klimatet Phaius wallichii × Calanthe graciliflora
Phaiocalanthe Black Lives Matter Phaius wallichii × Calanthe rubens
Phaiocalanthe JEM's Golden heart Phaius wallichii × Calanthe Saint Aubin
Gastrophaius Neowise 2020 Phaius wallichii × Gastrorchis Elizabeth Castle
Gastrophaius Kikuno Phaius longicornu (syn) × Gastrorchis pulchra var. perrieri (syn)
Gastrophaius Cooksonii Phaius wallichii × Gastrorchis simulans
Gastrophaius Aaron Cortez Phaius longicornu (syn) × Gastrorchis simulans
Gastrophaius Kaoru Oka Phaius longicornu (syn) × Gastrorchis tuberculosa
Phaius Pfrunger-Burgweiler Ried Phaius wallichii × Phaius Gravesiae
Phaius Wurzacher Ried Phaius wallichii × Phaius mishmensis
Phaius Fabian Jauch Phaius wallichii × Phaius subtrilobus
Phaiocalanthe Schroderiana Calanthe Baron Schröder × Phaius wallichii
Phaiocalanthe Marceli Henkel Calanthe ceciliae × Phaius wallichii
Phaiocalanthe Ruby Calanthe Ruby × Phaius wallichii
Phaiocalanthe Brandtiae Calanthe Veitchii × Phaius wallichii
Gastrophaius Harold Gastrophaius Cooksonii × Phaius wallichii
Gastrophaius Owenianus Gastrorchis humblotii × Phaius wallichii
Gastrophaius × cooksonii Gastrorchis tuberculosa × Phaius wallichii
Phaius Frank Smith Gastrorchis Tuteus × Phaius wallichii
Phaiocalanthe Bianca Amanda Jauch Phaiocalanthe Kryptonite × Phaius wallichii
Phaius Charlesworthii * Phaius bernaysii (syn) × Phaius wallichii
Phaius Esperança Phaius callosus × Phaius wallichii
Phaius Ashworthianus Phaius flavus × Phaius wallichii
Phaius × hybridus Phaius grandifolius (syn) × Phaius wallichii
Phaius Hybridus Phaius grandifolius (syn) × Phaius wallichii
Phaius Beverly Bosse Southwood Phaius pictus (syn) × Phaius wallichii
Phaius Gravesiae * Phaius tankervilleae × Phaius wallichii
Pedro Spinola
Phaius wallichii
Pedro Spinola
Phaius wallichii
Pedro Spinola
Phaius wallichii
Johann Blättler
Phaius wallichii Yunnan
Rick Rieger
Phaius wallichii
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