Papilionanthe teres (Roxb.) Schltr. 1915 (accepted Kew)

Common Name: เอื้องโมก, เอื้องโมกกุหลาบ, เอื้องฝักโมก, เอื้องโมกข์เผือก, เอื้องเทียน, พึง
Distribution China South-Central, China, Asia Temperate
Taiwan, Asia Temperate
Assam, Asia Tropical
Bangladesh, Asia Tropical
East Himalaya, Asia Tropical
India, Asia Tropical
Nepal, Asia Tropical
Andaman Is., Asia Tropical
Laos, Asia Tropical
Myanmar, Asia Tropical
Thailand, Asia Tropical
Vietnam, Asia Tropical
Fiji, Pacific
Caroline Is., Pacific
Cuba, Southern America
General Information: This species is widely distributed and highly variable in form. Yet all forms have leaves readily identifiable by their blunt tips and flowers noted for their split ‘fish-tail’ lips. [Emrys Chew 2017-10-14]
Synonym Dendrobium teres Roxb.
Papilionanthe teres f. candida (Rchb.f.) Christenson
Vanda teres (Roxb.) Lindl.
Vanda teres var. candida Rchb.f.