Genus: Brassia:
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  • Mexico Central, Mexico, Northern America
  • Mexico Northeast, Northern America
  • Mexico Gulf, Northern America
  • Mexico Southwest, Northern America
  • Mexico Southeast, Northern America
  • Costa Rica, Southern America
  • El Salvador, Southern America
  • Guatemala, Southern America
  • Honduras, Southern America
  • Nicaragua, Southern America
  • Venezuela, Southern America
  • Brazil North, Southern America
Flowering in summer. Flowers are angular and thin with light apple green color. Lips are marked with darker green and sienna spotted "warts". This warty spider orchid is peppery in fragrance and its slender geometric preciseness. It is epiphyte cold grower, evergreen orchid. Native to the montane forests from Mexico and Nicaragua to northwestern Brazil. Flowers are pollinated by a spider-stinging wasp that thinks the flower is a prey and stings the flower, effectively pollinating the orchid!
  • Brassia aristata Lindl. (1844)
  • Brassia brachiata Lindl. (1842)
  • Brassia coryandra É.Morren (1848)
  • Brassia cowanii Lindl. (1854)
  • Brassia longiloba DC. (1848)
  • Brassia odontoglossoides Klotzsch & H.Karst. (1847)
  • Oncidium brachiatum (Lindl.) Rchb.f. (1863)
  • Oncidium verrucosum (Bateman ex Lindl.) Rchb.f. (1863)
Brapasia Canchon Brassia verrucosa × Aspasia epidendroides
Brapasia S. y N. Teyú Brassia verrucosa × Aspasia lunata
Brassia Datacosa * Brassia verrucosa × Brassia caudata
Brassia Bracdiana Brassia brachiata (syn) × Brassia gireoudiana
Brassia Rex * Brassia verrucosa × Brassia gireoudiana
Brassia Senne Feast Brassia verrucosa × Brassia Spider's Feast
Brassidium Prodigious Brassia verrucosa × Brassidium Kenneth Bivin
Brassochilum Fay Miller Brassia verrucosa × Cyrtochilum macranthum
Brassochilum Medellin Miracle Brassia verrucosa × Cyrtochilum orgyale
Bramesa Antigua Brassia verrucosa × Gomesa imperatoris-maximiliani
Bramesa Tigerlily * Brassia verrucosa × Gomesa sarcodes
Bramesa Ron Stillman Brassia verrucosa × Gomesa varicosa
Bratonia Cartagena * Brassia verrucosa × Miltonia Anne Warne
Bratonia Mardi Gras * Brassia brachiata (syn) × Miltonia Bluntii
Bratonia Psychedelic Star * Brassia verrucosa × Miltonia Carnival
Bratonia Marty Miller Brassia verrucosa × Miltonia clowesii
Bratonia Orchid Man Brassia verrucosa × Miltonia Earl Dunn
Bratonia Iscream Brassia brachiata (syn) × Miltonia Moirmoir
Bratonia Citron Brassia verrucosa × Miltonia regnellii
Bratonia Charles M. Fitch * Brassia verrucosa × Miltonia spectabilis
Bratonia Seattle Sunrise * Brassia verrucosa × Miltonia William Kirch
Bratonia Carnival Stars Brassia verrucosa × Miltonia × leucoglossa
Brassidium Yoshiichi Nakagawa Brassia verrucosa × Oncidium altissimum
Brassidium Coronet Brassia brachiata (syn) × Oncidium anthrocrene (syn)
Brassidium Caricosa Brassia verrucosa × Oncidium cariniferum
Brassidium Nittany Gold * Brassia verrucosa × Oncidium ghiesbreghtianum
Brassidium Estrella Brassia verrucosa × Oncidium harryanum
Brassidium Robert Bussey Brassia verrucosa × Oncidium leucochilum
Brassidium Mem. Hayden Evason Brassia brachiata (syn) × Oncidium sphacelatum
Brassidium Alice Brassia brachiata (syn) × Oncidium Tagus
Rodrassia White Fantasy Falls Brassia verrucosa × Rodriguezia venusta (syn)
Macbrideara Good Morning Brassia verrucosa × Rossimilmiltonia Glass Creek
Trichassia Cordovan Caprice Brassia verrucosa × Trichocentrum lindenii
Brapasia Veripissa Aspasia principissa × Brassia verrucosa
Brassia Sunset Gold Brassia arcuigera × Brassia brachiata (syn)
Brassia Chieftain Brassia arcuigera × Brassia verrucosa
Brassia Mivada * Brassia aurantiaca × Brassia brachiata (syn)
Brassia Mem. Bert Field Brassia aurantiaca × Brassia verrucosa
Brassia Spider's Feast Brassia Chieftain × Brassia verrucosa
Brassia Kentucky Colonel Brassia chloroleuca × Brassia brachiata (syn)
Brassia Eugenie Jung Brassia keiliana × Brassia verrucosa
Brassia Le Magnifique Brassia lanceana × Brassia verrucosa
Brassia Senne Macurosa Brassia maculata × Brassia verrucosa
Brassia Dennis Sellon Brassia Mem. Bert Field × Brassia verrucosa
Brassia Elmore's Arachnid Brassia Mem. Fritz Boedeker × Brassia verrucosa
Brassia Rising Star Brassia Rex × Brassia verrucosa
Bratonia Shimonishi Bratonia Olmec × Brassia verrucosa
Bratonia Yumi Lussier Bratonia Royal Robe × Brassia verrucosa
Bramesa Concosa Gomesa concolor × Brassia verrucosa
Forgetara Mem. Tom Best Milpasia Ancon × Brassia verrucosa
Bratonia Manaus Miltonia Belem × Brassia verrucosa
Bratonia Natália * Miltonia candida × Brassia verrucosa
Bratonia Hawaiian Holiday Miltonia Festiva × Brassia verrucosa
Bratonia Aristocrat Miltonia flavescens × Brassia verrucosa
Bratonia Jungle Cat Miltonia Lanikai × Brassia verrucosa
Bratonia Minbrach Miltonia Minas Gerais × Brassia brachiata (syn)
Brassidomesa Curtis Lutchman Oncidesa Makalii × Brassia verrucosa
Brassidomesa Thai Nakhon Nayok Oncidesa Sarcatum × Brassia verrucosa
Brassidium Big Lake Oncidium Big Mac × Brassia verrucosa
Brassidium Explorer Oncidium fuscatum × Brassia brachiata (syn)
Brassidium Flower Drum Oncidium fuscatum × Brassia verrucosa
Brassidium Zenith Oncidium leucochilum × Brassia brachiata (syn)
Brassidium Leopard Star Oncidium Margo Servos × Brassia verrucosa
Brassidium Betty N. Shiraki Oncidium sphacelatum × Brassia verrucosa
Brassidium Pagan Lovesong * Oncidium Tiger Butter × Brassia verrucosa
Brassidium Mem. Phyllis Sons Oncidium tigrinum × Brassia verrucosa
Brassostele Peggy Mobley Rhynchostele bictoniensis × Brassia verrucosa
Brassostele Capricious Rhynchostele uroskinneri (syn) × Brassia verrucosa
Tolassia Tdares Lovely Star Tolumnia Seka × Brassia verrucosa
Trichassia Fort Caroline Trichocentrum lanceanum × Brassia verrucosa
Pedro Spinola
Brs. verrucosa
Raoul CERE
Brs. verrucosa
Pedro Spinola
Brs. verrucosa
Roland Amsler
Brs. verrucosa
Américo Pereira
Brs. verrucosa
Américo Pereira
Brs. verrucosa
Américo Pereira
Brs. verrucosa
Brs. verrucosa
Raoul CERE
Brs. verrucosa
Pedro Spinola
Brs. verrucosa
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