Genus: Anoectochilus:
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  • China South-Central, China, Asia Temperate
  • Assam, Asia Tropical
  • East Himalaya, Asia Tropical
  • Nepal, Asia Tropical
  • Vietnam, Asia Tropical
bloom_month: August September
  • Anoectochilus brevilabris inval var. gigantea Pradhan (1976)
  • Anoectochilus chapaensis Gagnep. (1931)
  • Anoectochilus griffithii Hook.f. (1890)
  • Anoectochilus sikkimensis King & Pantl. (1896)
  • Anoectochilus tridentatus Seidenf. (1992)
  • Dossinia marmarata illeg Lindl., J. Proc. Linn. Soc. (1857)
Naresh Swami
Anct. brevilabris
Dody Nugroho
Anct. brevilabris
Naresh Swami
Anct. brevilabris
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