Suara Rick Beverly G.Su 2019 (registered RHS)
( Encyclia cordigera × Ledienara Controversy )

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  • Hello George Su, please post your photos in Bluenanta group in Facebook. Will will upload the photos from there.

  • Also, it was actually Encyclia cordigera var rosea that was the seed parent of this cross. I will be working on additional Suara hybrids in the future too.

  • After looking at the other comments, this may just be easier. Here's a link of the progeny for Suara Rick Beverly. It's on my Instagram account: You have my permission to use the photos to update this website. All 3 photos listed there are the current offspring of Suara Rick Beverly. Please credit Thanks.

  • I'm actually the originator of Suara Rick Beverly. I would be welcome to add photos of the progeny, if someone can let me know where to upload them. Thanks.