Paraphalaenopsis Eileen Serdang 1991 (registered RHS)
( Paraphalaenopsis labukensis × Paraphalaenopsis Boediardjo )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
* indicates available images
GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
Pps. Lenggeng Pps. Eileen Pps. Boediardjo
Pps. David and Ron Pps. Eileen Pps. denevei
Pps. Ron's Babe Pps. Eileen Pps. laycockii
Pps. Caribbean Azure Pps. Eileen Pps. serpentilingua
Pv. Blushing Bride Pps. Eileen V. denisoniana
Pv. Monaraine Pps. Eileen V. miniata
Pv. Crownfox Mango Mousse Pps. Eileen V. Sagarik Gold
Sw. Redd Kitty Pps. Eileen Van. Chili Padi
Phalphalaenopsis Dwi Hatma Antono Phal. hygrochila Pps. Eileen
Prn. May Li Ren. Nancy Chandler Pps. Eileen
Prn. Buddha's Love Ren. storiei Pps. Eileen
Prn. Lee Yeok Sim Ren. Yen Pps. Eileen
Pv. Tian Wen Jun V. Fuchs Gold Pps. Eileen
Pv. Crownfox Sunglow V. Theptong Pps. Eileen
Sw. How Jia Jie Van. Nong Kham Pps. Eileen