Rhyncholaeliocattleya Yellow Ball (1975) You Nan Chang RHS (registered)
( Rhyncholaeliocattleya White Ball × Rhyncholaeliocattleya Yellow Peril )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
Rlc. Sunshine Rlc. Yellow Ball C. Bright Angel
Rlc. Hamana Polestar Rlc. Yellow Ball C. intermedia
Rlc. Yellow Jewel Rlc. Yellow Ball C. Tangerine Jewel
Rth. Redland Sunburst Rlc. Yellow Ball Ctt. Aussie Sunset
Rth. Hamana Song Rlc. Yellow Ball Ctt. Hazel Boyd
Rth. Shion Free Rlc. Yellow Ball Rth. Free Spirit
Rlc. Chyong Guu Chaffinch Rlc. Yellow Ball Rlc. Sunset Bay (Miyamoto)
Rlc. Lo's Ball Rlc. Yellow Ball Rlc. Taiwan Golden Girl
Rlc. Gold Ho Hsing Rlc. Yellow Ball Rlc. Termthong
Rlc. Kwoball C. Empress of Mercury Rlc. Yellow Ball
Rth. Feeling Love Rth. Love Sound Rlc. Yellow Ball
Rlc. Ryoko Nagai Rlc. George King Rlc. Yellow Ball