Cattleya Okarche (1982) Hausermann RHS (registered)
( Cattleya Mattie Shave × Cattleya Time-Life )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
* indicates available images
GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
C. Mishima Admiration C. Okarche C. Horace
C. Mishima Wine C. Okarche C. Pirate King
C. Mem. Federico Sanchez C. Okarche C. Rolf Altenburg
Rlc. Joey's Gem C. Okarche Rlc. Cynthia
Rlc. Bluff Beauty C. Okarche Rlc. Dinsmore
Rlc. Mareeba Thunder C. Okarche Rlc. Mem. Susan Hawkins
Rlc. Malvarosa Flamingo C. Okarche Rlc. Mount Anderson
Rlc. William John Nawa C. Okarche Rlc. Ronald Hausermann
C. Donald Foster C. Drumbeat C. Okarche
Ctt. Hatillana Ctt. Tutankamen C. Okarche
Rth. Malvarosa Sonata Rth. Malvarosa Princess C. Okarche
Rlc. Malvarosa Blumen Rlc. Blumen Insel C. Okarche
Rlc. Asahi Delight Rlc. Chatoyant C. Okarche
Rlc. Teacher Grace Rlc. Coed C. Okarche
Rlc. Terri Martin Rlc. Debbie Dramm C. Okarche
Rlc. Mem. David Powell Rlc. Emily Shupe C. Okarche
Rlc. Hausermann's Charm Rlc. Mem. Robert Hack C. Okarche