Cattleya Leona Bloom Alberts/Merkel 1962 (registered RHS)
( Cattleya loddigesii × Cattleya Tango )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
* indicates available images
GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
C. Command Performance C. Leona Bloom C. Dark Emperor
C. Edna McDoniel C. Leona Bloom C. Mem. Walter Armacost
Ctt. Roman Rainbow C. Leona Bloom Gur. aurantiaca
Rlc. Joyce McDowell C. Leona Bloom Rlc. Hanako M. Miyamoto
Rlc. Lucky Joe C. Leona Bloom Rlc. Lucky Strike
Rlc. Kim Gaynor C. Leona Bloom Rlc. Norman's Bay
Bc. Mem. Harry Grimes B. nodosa C. Leona Bloom
C. Pella C. Bonanza (Bracey) C. Leona Bloom
C. Eleanore Walden C. Eileen Wilson C. Leona Bloom
C. Dave Culver C. Virginia McMillan C. Leona Bloom
Cty. Anne Anderson Cty. Susan Naomi C. Leona Bloom
Rlc. Joe-Bobbie Rlc. Bryce Canyon C. Leona Bloom