Rhyncholaeliocattleya Thalie V. 1955 (registered RHS)
( Rhyncholaeliocattleya Déesse × Cattleya Odalisque )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
Rlc. Beaugency Rlc. Thalie C. Bonanza (Bracey)
Rlc. Thalvaco de Paris Rlc. Thalie C. Cathy Cavaco
Rlc. Fabith de Paris Rlc. Thalie C. Lucasiana
Rlc. Rembrathalie Rlc. Thalie C. Rembrandt
Rlc. Sirothalie de Paris Rlc. Thalie C. Sirocco
Rlc. Nyngan Rlc. Thalie C. Yaigwavong
Rth. Gwenda McVeigh Rlc. Thalie Ctt. Molly Tyler
Rth. Tamphalie Rlc. Thalie Ctt. Tampon
Rlc. Tharcole Rlc. Thalie Rlc. Arcole
Rlc. Leonard Fashion Rlc. Thalie Rlc. Languedoc
Rlc. Georges Morel C. Gaillard Rlc. Thalie
Rlc. Marie-France Bourdon C. Queen Sirikhit Rlc. Thalie