Cattlianthe Maricana K.Suganami 1968 (registered RHS)
( Cattleya Marriottiana (syn. Cattleya Marriottiana 2) × Guarianthe aurantiaca )

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Seed Parent
Cattleya Marriottiana (syn. C. Marriottiana 2)

Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
* indicates available images
GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
Ctt. Pastel Fantasy Ctt. Maricana C. Angelwalker
Ctt. Abraxus Ctt. Maricana C. Arizona
Ctt. Candy Ball Ctt. Maricana C. coccinea
Ctt. Oriental Noul Ctt. Maricana Ctt. Gold Digger
Ctt. Pure Heart Ctt. Maricana Ctt. Trick or Treat
Ctt. Amaliro C. Amelia Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Maric Delight C. Beaufort Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Chyong Guu Fairy C. Chyong Guu Venus Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Pianissimo C. Dubiosa Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Tan Ponpe C. Walkerinter Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Alpha Plus Chocolate Ctt. Chocolate Drop Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Sweet Fairy Ctt. Fairyland Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Hazel Gold Ctt. Hazel Boyd Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Miura Starbright Ctt. Kauai Starbright Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Royal Fantasies Ctt. Rocket Burst Ctt. Maricana
Ctt. Trilogy Ctt. Shona Ctt. Maricana
Gct. New Neon Grt. Why Not Ctt. Maricana
Rth. Village Chief Stableboy Rth. Toshie's Harvest Ctt. Maricana
Rth. Hourai Rlc. Sweet Sugar Ctt. Maricana