Cattleya Nugget (1935) Sanders (St Albans) RHS (registered)
( Cattleya Canberra × Cattleya Mrs. Medo )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
* indicates available images
GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
Bc. Patty C. Nugget B. subulifolia
C. Helen Tagawa C. Nugget C. Angus
C. Fred Barns C. Nugget C. Anzac
C. Green Gorge C. Nugget C. Barton
C. Derna C. Nugget C. dowiana
C. Ning Po C. Nugget C. Excelsis
C. David Ken C. Nugget C. Golden West
C. Washington Slopes C. Nugget C. Mem. Albert Heinecke
C. Gold Dust C. Nugget C. Prince Charming
C. Azov C. Nugget C. Rhoda
C. Golden Corn C. Nugget C. Ruth
C. Rose Trask Miranda C. Nugget C. Sunburst
C. Ornament C. Nugget C. Venus
Rlc. Sunland C. Nugget Rlc. Aglow
Rlc. Thomasville Georgia C. Nugget Rlc. Zanturano
C. Opalesque C. bicolor C. Nugget
C. Golden Sunrise C. Carmencita C. Nugget
C. Manukai C. Sargon C. Nugget
C. Silva-Sugi C. Triumphans C. Nugget
Lcn. Wriget Lnt. Wrigleyi C. Nugget
Rlc. Mem. Henry Ross Rlc. Green-heart C. Nugget
Rlc. Eldorado Rlc. Ilene C. Nugget
Rlc. Balham Rlc. J. M. Black C. Nugget
Rlc. Tiara Rlc. Palmyre C. Nugget
Rlc. Coppertone Rlc. Wake Island C. Nugget