Cattleya Meuzac Armstrong/Brown 1936 (registered RHS)
( Cattleya Anzac × Cattleya Meuse )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
* indicates available images
GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
C. Anameo C. Meuzac C. Anzac
C. National City C. Meuzac C. Fabia
Rlc. Sambeto C. Meuzac Rlc. Golden Slippers
Rlc. Goh Bee Lean C. Meuzac Rlc. Nugget
C. Robert Schreiber C. Ballerina C. Meuzac
C. Magenta Queen C. Estella Jewell C. Meuzac
C. Rietta C. Henrietta Japhet C. Meuzac
C. Pearl Spencer C. Heyday C. Meuzac
C. Meutona C. Latona C. Meuzac
C. Peppermint West C. Trimos C. Meuzac
C. Winneu C. Winnietha C. Meuzac
Ctt. Karina Marie Ctt. Portia C. Meuzac