Rhyncholaeliocattleya Xanthea Charlesworth Ltd. 1928 (registered RHS)
( Rhyncholaeliocattleya The Baroness × Rhyncholaeliocattleya Sofrano )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parent
Rlc. C. Cliquot Rlc. Xanthea C. dowiana
Rlc. Xandor Rlc. Xanthea C. Heliodor
Rlc. Xanthon Rlc. Xanthea C. Joyce Hannington
Rlc. Dorothy Drury-Lowe Rlc. Xanthea C. Lembera
Rlc. Xanno Rlc. Xanthea C. Mimbreno
Rlc. End of Day Rlc. Xanthea C. Moloch
Rlc. Xanthedo Rlc. Xanthea C. Mrs. Medo
Rlc. Florence Powell Rlc. Xanthea C. Ramona
Rlc. Aurora Borealis Rlc. Xanthea C. tenebrosa
Rlc. Auredo Rlc. Xanthea Rlc. Xanthedo
Rlc. Daffora Rlc. Xanthea Rlc. Zante
Rlc. Frances Lana C. Leda Rlc. Xanthea
Rlc. Jane Helton Rlc. Dorothy Drury-Lowe Rlc. Xanthea
Rlc. Casanthea Rlc. Golden Casket Rlc. Xanthea
Rlc. Golden Dome Rlc. Golden Crown Rlc. Xanthea
Rlc. Cleopatra Rlc. Golden Glory Rlc. Xanthea
Rlc. Goldenthea Rlc. Golden Queen Rlc. Xanthea
Rlc. Blairsville Sunshine Rlc. Malvern Rlc. Xanthea
Rlc. Xanthelia Rlc. Ophelia Rlc. Xanthea
Rlc. Tarthea Rlc. Tarzan Rlc. Xanthea
Rlc. Tucaranthea Rlc. Tucurano Rlc. Xanthea