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Sample images of Rubiaceae
Genus list
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Acranthera collina Acranthera
Argostemma ophirense Argostemma
Bouvardia ternifolia Bouvardia
Cephalanthus occidentalis Cephalanthus
Coffea benghalensis Coffea
Coptosapelta diffusa Coptosapelta
Cruciata glabra Cruciata
Duperrea pavettifolia Duperrea
Galium oreganum Galium
Houstonia purpurea Houstonia
Hydnophytum formicarum Hydnophytum
Ixora coccinea Ixora
Leptopetalum coreanum var. coreanum Leptopetalum
Luculia grandifolia Luculia
Mitchella repens Mitchella
Mitragyna parvifolia Mitragyna
Myrmecodia beccarii Myrmecodia
Nauclea orientalis Nauclea
Palicourea amethystina Palicourea
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