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Sample images of Pyronemataceae
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Acervus epispartius Acervus
Aleuria aurantia Aleuria
Aleurina ferruginea Aleurina
Anthracobia melaloma Anthracobia
Byssonectria fusispora Byssonectria
Chaetothiersia vernalis Chaetothiersia
Cheilymenia granulata Cheilymenia
Genea hispidula Genea
Geopora cooperi Geopora
Geopyxis carbonaria Geopyxis
Humaria hemisphaerica Humaria
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Neottiella rutilans Neottiella
Octospora humosa Octospora
Otidea alutacea Otidea
Parascutellinia violacea Parascutellinia
Paurocotylis pila Paurocotylis
Pseudaleuria quinaultiana Pseudaleuria
Pseudombrophila aggregata Pseudombrophila
Pulvinula convexella Pulvinula