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Sample images of Fabaceae
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Acacia glaucoptera Acacia
Adesmia boronioides Adesmia
Afgekia sericea Afgekia
Amorpha canescens Amorpha
Anarthrophyllum macrophyllum Anarthrophyllum
Astragalus trichopodus Astragalus
Austrocallerya megasperma Austrocallerya
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Bituminaria flaccida Bituminaria
Brownea coccinea Brownea
Callerya cinerea Callerya
Calliandra californica Calliandra
Campylotropis polyantha Campylotropis
Cercis siliquastrum Cercis
Craspedolobium unijugum Craspedolobium
Crotalaria cunninghamii Crotalaria
Dalea cahaba Dalea
Dunbaria bella Dunbaria
Dysolobium grande Dysolobium
Erythrina sandwicensis Erythrina