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Sample images of Campanulaceae
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Adenophora triphylla Adenophora
Asyneuma japonicum Asyneuma
Azorina vidalii Azorina
Brighamia insignis Brighamia
Campanula garganica Campanula
Canarina canariensis Canarina
Centropogon preslii Centropogon
Codonopsis pilosula Codonopsis
Cyananthus inflatus Cyananthus
Edraianthus tenuifolius Edraianthus
Favratia zoysii Favratia
Hesperocodon hederaceus Hesperocodon
Lobelia kalmii Lobelia
Melanocalyx uniflora Melanocalyx
Michauxia laevigata Michauxia
Nesocodon mauritianus Nesocodon
Ostrowskia magnifica Ostrowskia
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Physoplexis comosa Physoplexis
Phyteuma orbiculare Phyteuma