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Achillea cretica Achillea
USBG: Come explore the fabulous world of orchids! In celebration of the U.S. Botanic Garden’s bicentennial year, our orchid show celebrates plant exploration and the diversity of orchids found throughout the world. A natural Manila hemp rope sculpture installation by artist Susan Beallor-Snyder will be featured amidst the tropical plants of the Garden Court.
Adenocaulon bicolor Adenocaulon
Ainsliaea apiculata Ainsliaea
Alfredia cernua Alfredia
Anaphalioides alpina Anaphalioides
Anisopappus chinensis Anisopappus
Arctotheca populifolia Arctotheca
Argyranthemum maderense Argyranthemum
Argyroxiphium grayanum Argyroxiphium
Arnica montana Arnica
Arnoglossum sulcatum Arnoglossum
Artemisia umbelliformis Artemisia
Aster asterodes Aster
Atractylis gummifera Atractylis
Bidens biternata Bidens
Brachyclados caespitosus Brachyclados
Buphthalmum salicifolium Buphthalmum
Calorezia nutans Calorezia
Camchaya spinulifera Camchaya