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Adelonema wallisii Adelonema
Aglaodorum griffithii Aglaodorum
USBG: Come explore the fabulous world of orchids! In celebration of the U.S. Botanic Garden’s bicentennial year, our orchid show celebrates plant exploration and the diversity of orchids found throughout the world. A natural Manila hemp rope sculpture installation by artist Susan Beallor-Snyder will be featured amidst the tropical plants of the Garden Court.
Alocasia azlanii Alocasia
Amorphophallus titanum Amorphophallus
Anaphyllum wightii Anaphyllum
Anchomanes giganteus Anchomanes
Anthurium pedatum Anthurium
Arisaema barnesii Arisaema
Arum cylindraceum Arum
Asterostigma luschnathianum Asterostigma
Biarum ditschianum Biarum
Bucephalandra belindae Bucephalandra
Caladium bicolor Caladium
Colobogynium variegatum Colobogynium
Colocasia esculenta Colocasia
Cyrtosperma johnstonii Cyrtosperma
Dieffenbachia seguine Dieffenbachia
Dracontium pittieri Dracontium
Dracunculus vulgaris Dracunculus