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Sample images of Amaryllidaceae
Genus list
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Acis nicaeensis Acis
Agapanthus praecox Agapanthus
Allium bisceptrum Allium
Amaryllis belladonna Amaryllis
Ammocharis coranica Ammocharis
Apodolirion lanceolatum Apodolirion
Boophone haemanthoides Boophone
Brunsvigia litoralis Brunsvigia
Clinanthus variegatus Clinanthus
Clivia nobilis Clivia
Crinum asiaticum Crinum
Crossyne guttata Crossyne
Cryptostephanus vansonii Cryptostephanus
Cyrtanthus epiphyticus Cyrtanthus
Eucrosia bicolor Eucrosia
Galanthus reginae-olgae subsp. reginae-olgae Galanthus
Gethyllis linearis Gethyllis
Griffinia concinna Griffinia
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Hippeastrum cybister Hippeastrum