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Sample images of Aizoaceae
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Aizoanthemopsis hispanica Aizoanthemopsis
Aizoon canariense Aizoon
Aloinopsis schooneesii Aloinopsis
Carpobrotus deliciosus Carpobrotus
Carruanthus ringens Carruanthus
Cheiridopsis denticulata Cheiridopsis
Cleretum bellidiforme Cleretum
Conophytum obcordellum Conophytum
Delosperma echinatum Delosperma
Dinteranthus vallis-mariae Dinteranthus
Faucaria tigrina Faucaria
Fenestraria rhopalophylla Fenestraria
Glottiphyllum oligocarpum Glottiphyllum
Gunniopsis intermedia Gunniopsis
Jensenobotrya lossowiana Jensenobotrya
Lithops optica Lithops
Malephora luteola Malephora
Marlothistella uniondalensis Marlothistella
Mesembryanthemum guerichianum Mesembryanthemum
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