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Sample images of Cactaceae subfamily Cactoideae tribe Trichocereeae
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Cleistocactus colademononis
Cleistocactus leonensis
Cleistocactus winteri subsp. colademono
Denmoza rhodacantha
Echinopsis albispinosa
Echinopsis arachnacantha subsp. torrecillasensis
Echinopsis arachnacantha
Echinopsis atacamensis
Echinopsis aurea
Echinopsis chamaecereus
Echinopsis chiloensis subsp. litoralis
Echinopsis huascha
Echinopsis jajoana
Echinopsis leucantha
Echinopsis mirabilis
Echinopsis oxygona
Echinopsis spiniflora
Echinopsis tiegeliana
Gymnocalycium alboareolatum
Gymnocalycium amerhauseri