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Sample images of Orchidaceae subfamily Epidendroideae tribe Sobralieae
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Elleanthus amethystinus
Elleanthus ampliflorus
Elleanthus aurantiacus
Elleanthus aureus
Elleanthus blatteus
Elleanthus brasiliensis
Elleanthus capitatus
Elleanthus cephalotus
Elleanthus crinipes
Elleanthus escobarii
Elleanthus fractiflexus
Elleanthus glaucophyllus
Elleanthus hymenophorus
Elleanthus jimenezii
Elleanthus linifolius
Elleanthus maculatus
Elleanthus oliganthus
Elleanthus purpureus
Elleanthus vernicosus
Sobralia amabilis