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Sample images of Cactaceae subfamily Cactoideae tribe Notocacteae
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Copiapoa calderiana
Copiapoa cinerea subsp. haseltoniana
Copiapoa cinerea subsp. columna-alba
Copiapoa cinerea
Copiapoa coquimbana
Copiapoa dealbata
Copiapoa echinoides
Copiapoa fiedleriana
Copiapoa humilis
Copiapoa krainziana
Copiapoa marginata
Copiapoa solaris
Eriosyce bulbocalyx
Eriosyce crispa
Eriosyce crispa var. huascensis
Eriosyce curvispina var. mutabilis
Eriosyce eriosyzoides var. carrizalensis
Eriosyce heinrichiana
Eriosyce napina subsp. napina
Eriosyce napina subsp. lembckei