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Sample images of Orchidaceae subfamily Epidendroideae tribe Dendrobieae
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Bulbophyllum abbreviatum
Bulbophyllum abbrevilabium
Bulbophyllum aberrans
Bulbophyllum absconditum
Bulbophyllum acuminatum
Bulbophyllum acutebracteatum
Bulbophyllum acutiflorum
Bulbophyllum acutilingue
Bulbophyllum adangense
Bulbophyllum adelphidium
Bulbophyllum aemulum
Bulbophyllum aeolium
Bulbophyllum aeolium subsp. aeolium
Bulbophyllum aestivale
Bulbophyllum affine
Bulbophyllum agastor
Bulbophyllum aithorhachis
Bulbophyllum albibracteum
Bulbophyllum albidostylidium
Bulbophyllum albociliatum