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Sample images of Orchidaceae subfamily Epidendroideae tribe Collabieae
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Acanthophippium bicolor
Acanthophippium gougahense
Acanthophippium javanicum
Acanthophippium mantinianum
Acanthophippium pictum
Acanthophippium splendidum
Acanthophippium striatum
Acanthophippium sylhetense
Ancistrochilus rothschildianus
Ancistrochilus thomsonianus
Ania angustifolia
Ania hongkongensis
Ania penangiana
Ania viridifusca
Calanthe alismifolia
Calanthe alpina
Calanthe angustifolia
Calanthe arcuata subsp. caudatilabella
Calanthe argenteostriata
Calanthe arisanensis