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Sample images of Orchidaceae subfamily Orchidoideae tribe Cranichideae subtribe Pterostylidinae
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Pterostylis abrupta
Pterostylis aciculiformis
Pterostylis aestiva
Pterostylis alata
Pterostylis alobula
Pterostylis alpina
Pterostylis alveata
Pterostylis amabilis
Pterostylis anatona
Pterostylis aneba
Pterostylis angusta
Pterostylis aphylla
Pterostylis atrans
Pterostylis australis
Pterostylis banksii
Pterostylis baptistii
Pterostylis barbata
Pterostylis barringtonensis
Pterostylis basaltica
Pterostylis bicolor