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Sample images of Orchidaceae subfamily Epidendroideae tribe Vandeae subtribe Polystachyinae
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Polystachya adansoniae
Polystachya albescens subsp. imbricata
Polystachya bella
Polystachya caespitifica
Polystachya caespitifica subsp. latilabris
Polystachya caespitosa
Polystachya campyloglossa
Polystachya clareae
Polystachya concreta
Polystachya cultriformis
Polystachya fallax
Polystachya foliosa
Polystachya galeata
Polystachya longiscapa
Polystachya maculata
Polystachya malilaensis
Polystachya neobenthamia
Polystachya ngomensis
Polystachya ottoniana
Polystachya paniculata