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Sample images of Orchidaceae subfamily Epidendroideae tribe Epidendreae subtribe Pleurothallidinae
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Acianthera aculeata
Acianthera acuminatipetala
Acianthera albopurpurea
Acianthera amsleri
Acianthera angustifolia
Acianthera angustisepala
Acianthera aphthosa
Acianthera asaroides
Acianthera atropurpurea
Acianthera auriculata
Acianthera bidentula
Acianthera binotii
Acianthera brachiloba
Acianthera bragae
Acianthera cachensis
Acianthera calopedilon
Acianthera capillaris
Acianthera ciliata
Acianthera circumplexa
Acianthera cogniauxiana