Bromeliaceae Cactaceae Orchidaceae Amaryllidaceae

Sample images of Amaryllidaceae subfamily Amaryllidoideae tribe Hippeastreae subtribe Hippeastrinae
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Hippeastrum aulicum
Hippeastrum calyptratum
Hippeastrum correiense
Hippeastrum cybister
Hippeastrum evansiae
Hippeastrum ferreyrae
Hippeastrum miniatum
Hippeastrum papilio
Hippeastrum pardinum
Hippeastrum psittacinum
Hippeastrum puniceum
Hippeastrum reticulatum
Hippeastrum striatum
Zephyranthes atamasco
Zephyranthes candida
Zephyranthes carinata
Zephyranthes citrina
Zephyranthes minuta
Zephyranthes rosea
Zephyranthes tenuiflora