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Sample images of Orchidaceae subfamily Epidendroideae tribe Cymbidieae subtribe Cymbidiinae
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Acriopsis densiflora
Acriopsis floribunda
Acriopsis indica
Acriopsis liliifolia
Acriopsis liliifolia var. liliifolia
Acriopsis ridleyi
Ansellia africana
Claderia viridiflora
Cymbidium aliciae
Cymbidium aloifolium
Cymbidium atropurpureum
Cymbidium banaense
Cymbidium bicolor subsp. bicolor
Cymbidium bicolor subsp. pubescens
Cymbidium bicolor
Cymbidium borneense
Cymbidium canaliculatum
Cymbidium chloranthum
Cymbidium cochleare
Cymbidium cyperifolium