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Sample images of Orchidaceae subfamily Epidendroideae tribe Arethuseae subtribe Coelogyninae
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Aglossorrhyncha lucida
Bletilla foliosa
Bletilla formosana
Bletilla ochracea
Bletilla striata
Chelonistele amplissima
Chelonistele ingloria
Chelonistele maximae-reginae
Chelonistele sulphurea
Chelonistele sulphurea var. crassifolia
Coelogyne alboaurantia
Coelogyne albolutea
Coelogyne asperata
Coelogyne assamica
Coelogyne barbata
Coelogyne beccarii
Coelogyne bicamerata
Coelogyne bilamellata
Coelogyne brachyptera
Coelogyne breviscapa