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Sample images of Orchidaceae subfamily Epidendroideae tribe Cymbidieae subtribe Catasetinae
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Catasetum aculeatum
Catasetum alatum
Catasetum albovirens
Catasetum albuquerquei
Catasetum arietinum
Catasetum aripuanense
Catasetum ariquemense
Catasetum atratum
Catasetum barbatum
Catasetum bertioguense
Catasetum bicallosum
Catasetum bicolor
Catasetum blackii
Catasetum boyi
Catasetum brasilandense
Catasetum brevilobatum
Catasetum caatingense
Catasetum callosum
Catasetum carolinianum
Catasetum cernuum