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Aeridovanda Fuchs Cream Puff
Aeridovanda Full Moon
Aeridovanda Jeneal
Aeridovanda Judy Bailey
Aeridovanda Kasorn's Orchid Tactic
Aeridovanda Korat Koki-flabellata
Aeridovanda Krailerk Gold
Aeridovanda lawrenceae-Chao Praya Emerald
Aeridovanda Liberty Creek
Aeridovanda Luang Prabang
Aeridovanda Memoria Lillian Arnold
Aeridovanda Mike TG Orpi
Aeridovanda Moonface
Aeridovanda Motes Plum Jade
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Aeridovanda Noree Gold
Aeridovanda odorata-houlletiana--flabellata
Aeridovanda odorata-Peggy Foo
Aeridovanda Photisan
Aeridovanda Photisan-Udom Gold