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Sample images of Orchidaceae Thrixspermum species
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Thrixspermum fulgens
Thrixspermum hystrix
Thrixspermum incurvicalcar
Thrixspermum javanicum
Thrixspermum lengguanianum
Thrixspermum leucarachne
Thrixspermum loogemanianum
Thrixspermum lucidum
Thrixspermum luciferum
Thrixspermum maculatum
Thrixspermum megacarpum
Thrixspermum merapohense
Thrixspermum merguense
Thrixspermum musciflorum
Thrixspermum obtusum
Thrixspermum pensile
Thrixspermum poilanei
Thrixspermum purpurascens
Thrixspermum quinquelobum
Thrixspermum raciborskii