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Cattleya tenebrosa (Rolfe) A.A.Chadwick 2006 (Kew)

Brazil Northeast, Brazil, Southern America
Brazil Southeast, Southern America
General Information: The species name 'tenebrosa' means 'dark', no doubt because the side-lobes and mid-lobe enfold the flower's central column to form a ring of dark shadow, further deepening the purple shading and veining of the lip. Flower petals and sepals range in colour from copper through bronze to gold.
In terms of its hereditary influence, it ranks as No. 21 out of a total of 3,162 ancestral species. It has 16,187 hybrid descendants listed in the International Orchid Register. (Emrys Chew Ph. D.)
History: Cattleya tenebrosa (Rolfe) A.A.Chadwick 2006 comes from the Amazon rainforests of southeastern Brazil. It was first imported into Victorian Britain and described by Rolfe as Laelia tenebrosa (1891). Together with the other Brazilian Laelias it is now reclassified by genus according to Chadwick's description in his book on 'Classic Cattleyas' (2006). (Emrys Chew Ph. D.)
Brasilaelia tenebrosa (Rolfe) Campacci
Chironiella tenebrosa (Rolfe) Braem
Hadrolaelia tenebrosa (Rolfe) Chiron & V.P.Castro
Laelia grandis var. tenebrosa Rolfe
Laelia tenebrosa var. pittiana O'Brien
Laelia tenebrosa (Rolfe) Rolfe
Sophronitis tenebrosa (Rolfe) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase
Subfamily:   Epidendroideae
Tribe:   Epidendreae
Subtribe:   Laeliinae
Genus:   Cattleya  (images)
Subgenus:   Crispae  (images)
Section:   Crispae_old  (images)

Cattleya tenebrosa
Photo: Lourens Grobler
Cattleya tenebrosa
Photo: Fred Clarke
Cattleya tenebrosa
Photo: Manuel Lucas