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Brassavola nodosa (L.) Lindl. 1831 (Kew)

Common Name: เจ้าหญิงรัตติกาล
Mexico Northeast, Mexico, Northerm America
Mexico Gulf, Northerm America
Mexico Southwest, Northerm America
Mexico Southeast, Northerm America
Belize, Southern America
Costa Rica, Southern America
El Salvador, Southern America
Guatemala, Southern America
Honduras, Southern America
Nicaragua, Southern America
Panama, Southern America
Aruba, Southern America
Cayman Is., Southern America
Jamaica, Southern America
Netherlands Antilles, Southern America
Puerto Rico, Southern America
Southwest Caribbean, Southern America
French Guiana, Southern America
Guyana, Southern America
Venezuela, Southern America
Colombia, Southern America
General Information: One of my favourite epiphytic orchid species. A hot growing species found in many places Mexico, Brazil, Columbia to the Caymans. I grow mine hung up high in the Hothouse in fairly bright light with plenty of air movement with use of fans, Summer humidity provided by the fogging system. Fertilizer twice weekly with a blossom booster type fertilizer. However I must keep it very very dry over winter here due to our consistent cold nights. It has a wonderful citrus like fragrance.
Barbara Haywood
Bletia nodosa (L.) Rchb.f.
Bletia rhopalorrhachis (Rchb.f.) Rchb.f.
Brassavola nodosa var. rhopalorrhachis Schltr.
Brassavola rhopalorrhachis Rchb.f.
Brassavola scaposa Schltr.
Cymbidium nodosum (L.) Sw.
Epidendrum nodosum L.
Javieria nodosa (L.) Archila, Chiron & Szlach.
Javieria rhopalorrhachis (Rchb.f.) Archila, Chiron & Szlach.
Subfamily:   Epidendroideae
Tribe:   Epidendreae
Subtribe:   Laeliinae
Genus:   Brassavola  (images)

Brassavola nodosa
Photo: Emrys Chew
Brassavola nodosa
Photo: Wallefy Francesco
Brassavola nodosa
Photo: Kurniadi Liu