Gomesa Enderanum hort. 1956 (registered RHS)
( Gomesa imperatoris-maximiliani × Gomesa curta (syn. Gomesa gardneri) )

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Pollen Parent
Gom. gardneri (syn. gardneri)

Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
Gom. Honey Butter Gom. Enderanum Gom. forbesii
Gom. Wavy Gravy Gom. Enderanum Gom. gravesiana
Gom. John Kramer Gom. Enderanum Gom. Sultamyre
Gombrassiltonia Sweetheart Jonel Brat. Cartagena Gom. Enderanum
Gombrassiltonia Dragon Quest Gombrassiltonia Monte Cristo Gom. Enderanum
Gom. Polka Gom. Bijou Gom. Enderanum
Gom. Plano Champion Gom. Burgeffianum Gom. Enderanum
Gom. Cloud Ears Gom. Grafo Gom. Enderanum
Gom. Henry Kristiansen Gom. Nona Gom. Enderanum
Gom. Golden Swarm Gom. Nonamyre Gom. Enderanum
Gom. Elsie McMurtry Gom. spiloptera Gom. Enderanum
Gomestele Advent Joy Gomestele Autumn Tints Gom. Enderanum
Gmn. Pete's Sake Gmn. Sparky Gom. Enderanum
Lob. Dragon's Claw Lob. Ruben Gom. Enderanum
Gomestele Präsident Leo Furrer Rst. bictoniensis Gom. Enderanum
Gomestele Tanif Rst. ureskinneri Gom. Enderanum