Oncidium Perolia Charlesworth Ltd. 1957 (registered RHS)
( Oncidium Perryanum × Oncidium Mongolia )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
Onc. Mirror Lake Onc. Perolia Onc. Bogotá
Onc. San Damiano Barbara Onc. Perolia Onc. Connero
Onc. Cerolia Onc. Perolia Onc. Ebury Court
Onc. Wine Butterfly Onc. Perolia Onc. Jerispol
Onc. Du Panigot Onc. Perolia Onc. Mont Cambrai
Onc. Mount Tamalpais Onc. Perolia Onc. Mount Diablo
Onc. Rita Hirschy Onc. Perolia Onc. Stroperry
Alcra. Devon Monarch Alcra. George Smith Onc. Perolia
Onc. Pentland Onc. Lautrix Onc. Perolia
Onc. Glyndebourne Manrico Onc. Stropheon Onc. Perolia
Ons. Seymour Tower Rst. bictoniensis Onc. Perolia